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Your Search Stops Here

Whether you are looking for a perfect candidate for your open position or a job that meets your professional goals, we are here to ensure you get it. Your search for hiring or getting hired stops here.

Placing Top Talent In Various Industries

Our insight-driven, end-to-end recruitment process is customized according to different industry standards. We make use of AI/ML and the latest technology reducing the cost and time to hire. 

Pharmaceutical industry


Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Health Care
Health Care

Health Care

Challenges in Hiring Skilled Candidates


Attracting the Right Candidates

It is hard to find the right candidate with all the requisite skills and personality to make a positive contribution.


Building a Strong Employer Brand

It is crucial to attract and retain high-quality talent that will stay and help grow your organization.


Engaging Qualified Candidates

Hiring the wrong person leads to a loss of time, budget and other resources.


Hiring Faster

Hiring is time-consuming and you need the bandwidth to commit to a lengthy recruitment process.

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Our Testimonials

We leverage our experience and knowledge to make sure we create lasting relationships between employees and employers. Read about some of our favorite success stories here


"Very professional & practical in their approach. They helped develop our new website and ensured we were fully compliant with the US Federal standards for application. I would highly recommend them."

Maria Garcia
Selas Head

  • How long does it take for iBovi to find the right candidate?
    iBovi will find top matches for your job opening within 3 to 5 business days.
  • What guarantees I have that the new hire fits our job opening?
    We give 100% match guarantee on all our candidates. If you are not satisfied with the new hire, we will find new top matches for you without any additional cost.
  • What industries are you operating in and what job positions are you sourcing candidates for?
    iBovi works across all industries and we provide top candidates for any staffing need your company may have.
  • What information do I need to provide for job opening?
    You can click the “Request Talent” form and fill out fields with basic information, such as: type of position, name of the position, work authorization requirements and starting date. After we receive the form, we will contact you and ask a list of questions about the position you are looking to fill, such as required skills, education and work background. We will work with you to create a comprehensive job description and identify necessary qualifications your ideal candidate would have.
  • Do you offer staffing services for part-time employment? Do you offer contract-based employment? Do you offer consulting services?
    Yes, we offer all the above-mentioned services. We tailor candidate search according to your staffing needs.
  • How do you pre-screen potential candidates?
    We take a close look at candidates’ resumes and call candidates that fit all the criteria for the job posting. We perform a comprehensive interview and evaluate if a candidate is a good fit for your company. We share our interview notes with your company. After we identify top candidates, we perform background/previous employment/license and education verification/drug test. Your company can decide what pre-employment tests you need us to perform on top candidates.
  • How do I contact you with more questions?
    You can call us directly +1-844-93-42684 or fill out “Request Talent” form and leave your number. We will contact you right away.

Get Started

This is the step you take towards building a strong team with the best-qualified people, found faster, easier, and cost-effectively. 

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