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Internal v/s External Recruitment

Updated: Jan 11

What have we covered:

· Introduction

· What is Recruitment?

· What is the Internal Recruitment Process?

· What is External Recruitment Process?

· Difference between Internal and External Recruitment Process

· Wrapping it up…

· FAQs


Welcome to the world of Recruitment! Where hiring is not a piece of cake. Gone are the days where job market was less scary and more dependable.

As of today, jobs are a must for survival, recruitment has become an essential component of our work environment.

In this blog, we will explore the recruitment arena, where we will get the insight of how exactly recruitment functions in today’s world, what are its types and towards the end we will give you a fair reality check on it, let’s dive in!

Internal v/s External Recruitment

What is Recruitment?

Before we jump into the real questions, let’s get a hang of what exactly is “Recruitment”.

Recruitment refers to the process of hiring.

Hiring where the gap between the organization requirement and a skilled candidate is bridged. Hiring where the balance is striked perfectly.

Why internal recruiting matters?

What is Internal Recruitment?

Now that we have some idea about the recruiting process, let’s get into the real question- What is Internal Recruitment?

As the name suggests, internal recruitment happens within organization.

This is rather a more effective approach towards job market as the talent pool isn’t lost.

What is in the organization, stays in the organization.

The existing workforce fills up the vacancies initiated by the business. But why do we need Internal Recruiting?

Internal Recruitment ensures: -

· Reduction of training costs

· Saving of time

· Boosting employee morale

· Saving of money

· Effective utilization of resources

internal recruiting types

Types of Internal Recruitment: -

1. Promotions-The most common type of Internal Recruiting. It is the one every employee hopes for- a promotion.

2. Transfers- It is moving to a different location for the same job.

3. Temporary to Permanent- A temporary position holder or an intern to a full time employee.

4. Employee Referrals- A dream for the hiring personnels, employee referrals ensure hiring of the best talent without any extra efforts.

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External Recruitment

What is External Recruitment Process?

The go-to option of almost every company around the world. External Recruitment.

Where people with experiences and positive criticism are opted, external recruitment opens up new door to cover a broader range of professionalism.

External recruitment ensures we have access to a higher talent pool by posting job vacancies improving employee branding. Because bringing fresh perspectives to your company is your motto.

The question arises again- Why do we need External Recruitment?

External Recruitment ensures: -

· You find your candidate of dreams

· You get the best skills

· A fresh perspective in your company

· A healthier work environment

External Recruiting Sources

Types of External Recruitment: -

1. Social Media- The OG of everything- Social Media serves just the best purpose to find you your perfect employee. Recruitment sources like LinkedIn, Twitter etc. supports us a lot in that.

84% of companies worldwide use social media for recruiting talents.

2. Job Portals- The most common and traditional method of recruitment, Job Portals was and will most likely always be one stop for hiring. Here candidates get the proper job description which clears up their way to their dream job.

3. Recruitment Agencies- The middleman or the bridge between the candidate and the organization. They offer you services on commissions. And also assist you in salary negotiations and other benefits!

4. The word of Print Media- The Old and Gold method of finding jobs, our printed media is still in talks to recruit employees. These are cheaper, easily accessible and also economical. So let’s not forget it!

Difference between Internal and External Recruitment Process

Now that we have the insights of the Internal Recruitment and External Recruitment, we come to the part where we give you a reality check on what would suit you and your organization better.

Given below is a table that would help you understand it better: -

Difference between Internal and External  Recruitment

Wrapping it up…

The true success and failure of an organization relies on one and only factor- the employees.

So, hiring and recruitment becomes much more of an important aspect to think upon. What you search and what you find can be completely different if you don’t have a clear vision.

Both Internal Recruitment and External Recruitment can prove to be your preference depending upon what circumstances you have.

Recruitment process can be made simpler with iBovi Staffing Solutions.

FAQs: -

1) What is the main difference between Internal and External Recruitment?

The primary difference between Internal and External Recruitment is that Internal Recruitment refers to hiring of candidates from within the organization whereas the latter refers to sourcing employees from outside the organization.

2) What makes Internal Recruitment more preferable over External Recruitment?

Internal Recruitment is more preferable when you want advantages like cost effectiveness, faster onboarding and saving up your resources. But it solely depends on your circumstances.

3) When to choose External Recruitment?

External Recruitment should be opted when you require fresh perspectives in your work environment. It brings innovation and diversity with it which could prove to be beneficial for your organization.

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