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Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment Process

Updated: Apr 19

What have we covered:

  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment Process

  • Benefits of AI in Recruitment

  • Can AI replace HR jobs?

  • How AI is used in HR

  • Conclusion of AI in Recruitment Process

  • FAQs

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment Process

What is Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment Process? As the whole world was taking a stride into Artificial Technology and its effects, we explored how wide the opportunities could take us.

Before we knew it, Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment Process was a reality.

It basically refers to the automation of recruiting by the application of Artificial Intelligence. Streamlining of recruiting and automation of various aspects are some of its basic applications.

Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment Process

Apart from these, AI can help recruiters assist in:

  • Sourcing candidates

  • Screening candidates

  • Analysis of Resume

  • Conducting Pre-screening Assessments, etc.

It saves time and effort. Improves the quality of the shortlisted candidates and increases efficiency and accuracy.

Use of AI in recruitment processes

Benefits of AI in Recruitment

Since staying updated is the key, let’s take a sneak peek into the benefits of AI in Recruitment.

  • Your recruitment journey becomes efficient: AI is the ultimate helping hand for the lengthy process of manual work you put in. From scheduling meetings and interviews to assessing candidates and shortlisting the best, it is a fuss! But worry not as AI is here to the rescue.

  • Your recruitment quality is improved: A bad hire can cost heavy on the company. AI, alongside traditional hiring, can prove to be fruitful. It can assist you in assessing the data of candidates and provide insights that help make important decisions.

The United States Department of Labour says a poor hire might cost a company 30% of the employee's first-year salary.
  • Candidate experience is enhanced: A major turn-off of candidates- a bad experience. AI can personalize a candidate’s experience.

60% of candidates declined a job offer due to poor recruitment experience.

Can AI replace HR jobs?

Well, the shortest answer is- NO!

AI has indeed leveraged us into a brighter reality, but one and only thing that it cannot take away from us is- The Human Touch.

Why do we need a human touch in recruiting? Hmm, it’s a good question.

Let’s face it- Making sensible strategic decisions, uplifting the spirits of a candidate on rejection, managing complex issues, etc. are a few of the realities that AI cannot replace.

Along with that, as we walk towards the emergence of technology, opportunities for Human Resources will skyrocket as well.

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Use of AI in Human Resource

How AI is used in HR


  • Hiring process automation- Well, as the name states, automation is AI’s forte, and we use it for the hiring process as well.

  • Candidate sourcing- Sourcing is a hard pill to swallow, but thanks to AI, we’ve got it covered.

  • Predicting new hire performances- Analyzing can be a messy task, and that’s exactly where AI is there to help.


  • Predicting performance- Looking ahead in predictions, AI can serve you wonders when it comes to performance.

  • Objective setting- A plan can always come in handy, and AI is here to help you set your goals effectively.

  • Capacity predictions- The study of work patterns and keeping ahead in predictions can prove to be very helpful in an organization and AI ensures you just that.


  • Supervision of Employee Activities- AI helps in the supervision of employees and keeping a check on their activities.

  • Monitoring Bias- Biased monitoring is a must and AI helps you get on check.


  • Automation in Payroll and Benefits- Payroll and benefits get easier with AI.

  • Monitoring Engagement- Getting engaged with candidates and employees is taken care with AI effectively.

Can AI replace HR

Conclusion of AI in Recruitment Process

We just explored the unbound opportunities that Artificial Intelligence brings with it. No wonder stepping into automation in recruiting is a new way to hiring. And we welcome it with open arms.

But as automation poses a threat to HR, it is undeniable that it may cause a wave in our traditional way of recruiting.

AI has always been a friend and we hope it to be the same in ahead of time as well. It has never and cannot ever, replace HR.


Q. What is the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the recruitment process?

AI has an important role when it comes to recruitment. It makes,

  • less time consuming

  • more cost effective

  • more accurate and

  • improves quality.

Q. Can AI replace HR jobs?

No, it cannot. AI cannot replace HR as it lacks the ability to:

  • Take complex decisions.

  • Making sensible decisions

Q. How does AI assist recruiters?

AI assist recruiters in:

  • Sourcing candidates

  • Screening candidates

  • Analysis of Resume

  • Conducting Pre-screening Assessments, etc.

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