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Your Guide to Contract Recruiting

Updated: Mar 6

What have we covered?

  • Introduction to Contract Recruiting

  • The Job Role of a Contract Recruiter

  • Do you need a Contract Recruiter?

  • When to Outsource?

  • Choosing a Contract Recruiter

  • Conclusion

  • FAQs

Introduction to Contract Recruiting

Contract Recruiting has found its way into the companies. Well, these techniques have been the famous go-to option for organizations when they want to squeeze or downsize.

but, why contract recruiting is preferred?

Contract Recruiting is: -

  • Cost Effective.

  • Deliver more consistent results.

  • More consistent service.

Contract Recruiting works on a very simple concept. A hiring company contracts a contracting recruiter, which fills up one or several positions.

In this blog, we will discuss about the job roles, the need, if we need to outsource and how to choose a contract recruiter.

So, let’s dive in.

Your Guide to Recruiting

The Job Role of a Contract Recruiter

The Job Role of a Contract Recruiter is very much similar to that of recruitment agencies. These contract recruiters are generally hired to function on the site. One of the main reasons why it is done so is to initiate relationships. Among the on-site management and staff, these interactions leverage better understanding of the company’s cultures.

A few of the job roles of a Contract Recruiter are: -

  • Sourcing candidates.

  • Screening candidates.

  • Working closely with team to interview candidates.

Contract Recruiters possess a deeper knowledge of company which makes them an important part of an organization.

Job responsibilities of contract recruitment

Do you need a Contract Recruiter?

Before we answer that question, we need to first look into our resources.

In times like these, making a list really helps.

Sometimes, priority is the way.

By that what we mean is- listing your most vital positions within your company.

It’s a harsh truth, we know it’s unfair, but this is the reality of the corporate.

It is true that some jobs simply pay more, and some contribute more, and both of them are internally connected.

So, contract recruiter is required here. Now, that we understand the requirement of a contract recruiter, let’s jump to another question- When to outsource?

When to Outsource?

Outsourcing ensures company’s survival in the long term.

To accomplish a company’s objectives, contract recruiters play an important role.

They not only work to manage the in-house people, but they also work along with the HR certain tasks as well.

And for a better experience, specialists want to hire someone who can fulfil all those necessary recruitment tasks and also manage the company along with it.

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How to find the right Contract Recruiter?

Choosing a Contract Recruiter

Well, it’s a huge responsibility.

Choosing the right contract recruiter is no easy task.

The key points to choose a right recruiter are: -

  • Proper preparation.

  • Good research.

  • Seek flexibility.

  • Define clear objectives.

How to find the right Contract Recruiter?

  • Look for experienced professionals.

  • Clarify work strategies.

  • Hold regular meetings.

  • Keep an eye on the budget.

  • Determine the level of involvement.

Roles within Contract Recruiting: -

  • SOURCER- These are responsible to hunt potential candidates that can be contacted by a more experienced contract recruiter.

  • INTERNET RECRUITER- These search the databases for resumes and match the required skills to vacancies.

  • CONTINGENCY RECRUITER- They are not an entry-level position. These receive their pay only after placing a candidate.

Roles within Contract Recruiting


Contract recruiting is something that can leverage several companies to perform better. It enhances the productivity of the workforce, indirectly adding to the success of the organization.

In the above blog, we came across various factors that were related to Contract Recruiting. It has made us understand that corporate is incomplete without a contract recruiter. And to leverage your productivity, Splitle is here to help!

Splitle is a freelancing recruiting firm that lets you earn commission on every candidate that is hired.


1. How to find the right Contract Recruiter?

We can find the right Contract Recruiter by the following steps:

  • Look for experienced professionals,

  • Clarify work strategies,

  • Hold regular meetings,

  • Keep an eye on the budget,

  • Determine the level of involvement.

2. Why should we choose Contract Recruiting?

Contract Recruiting is: -

  • Cost Effective,

  • Deliver more consistent results,

  • More consistent service.

3. What are the Job roles of a Contract Recruiter?

A few of the job roles of a Contract Recruiter are: -

• Sourcing candidates

• Screening candidates

• Working closely with team to interview candidates

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