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Staffing vs Recruiting Services in the USA: What’s Best For Your Business?

Updated: Apr 19

Are Staffing and Recruiting the Same?

While it is common to believe that staffing and recruiting are the terms used interchangeably for the process of hiring someone, this is far from being true! Staffing and recruiting agencies employ candidates and fill up job vacancies.

However, there are some differences when it comes to their specific roles.

These differences are the function, scope, duration of fulfillment, and the role you are hiring for. Often recruitment as a function becomes inclusive in the services provided by a staffing agency in USA, Canada, or North America as a whole.

Whether to choose staffing and recruiting agencies depends on the specific requirements of the businesses. Here are some of the features of staffing and recruiting companies and a comparison between the two.

What is Staffing?

Staffing generally refers to the process of hiring temporary workers to fill short-term roles. This temp hire is done for businesses that need employees for a project, or as substitutes. However, many staffing companies in the USA also help businesses to hire full-time employees for permanent positions.

Staffing companies help potential candidates who are looking for a job to get hired by the companies who need their skillset. Staffing agencies in the USA can help you fill a vacant position in a short time span.

If you are looking for the best staffing agency, check if they have workers in their database. You can get workers who can start work at once. Finding qualified employees no longer requires as much time, helping businesses.

What is Recruiting?

In contrast to staffing, a recruiter will pay attention to what a firm needs and then shortlist qualified experts. Rather than posting a job and inviting active job searchers to apply. Candidates who aren't actively seeking employment, many of them are passive candidates.

Similar to staffing, recruitment agencies have access to a broad talent pool. As it entails screening possible applicants and ensuring a mutual match, it is somewhat related to staffing. One can say recruitment is a part of the staffing process.

What’s Best For Your Business Scenario

Now, we cannot stress enough that every business should carefully understand its requirements and then carefully choose a company that can provide customized solutions. Why? Because you might require a Marketing Manager for example, but it is possible that the role requirements you have might not match the general JDs.

Every job description is created keeping in mind the growth goals, objectives, and of course the ROIs that are very specific to a company. So, a staffing partner that can carefully understand what you expect from an ideal candidate is very crucial. What is also crucial is that they give you tailored services and attention because one size does not fit all.

Why You Need an Industry-Specific Staffing Service

While you choose a staffing company that gives businesses customized solutions or probably a dedicated manager, also consider if the company has specific solutions for businesses in specific industries. A top staffing agency in the USA, Canada, or anywhere in North America, you will find industry-specific solutions.

These companies are experienced to cater to every type of business. Whether you are an SMB or a large business conglomerate. They can help businesses in the construction, manufacturing, and industrial sectors to find unskilled laborers or even temporary workers. These businesses can stay rest assured as a good staffing company has candidates in their database and they also do background checks on each one of them.

Not only unskilled workers but staffing companies in the USA can also help your business find qualified and experienced candidates. For all tier requirements in corporate, such as executives to the senior management, they can help you find applicants that are the best fit for all positions. This is also with regards to what your role requirement is, even if it is a technical role requiring certain qualifications or otherwise. Some of the industries that the USA-based leading staffing companies cater to include -

  • Banking & Finance - Staffing companies can help you find Financial Analysts, Personal Financial Advisers, Relationship Managers, Accountants, Auditors, Loan Officers, Collectors, and more.

  • Travel & Hospitality - From Front Desk Agents, Tour Guide and Travel Agent Jobs, Event Manager Jobs, to Valets, Security Guards, Concierge and Sommelier jobs in the USA.

  • Manufacturing & Industrial - Engineers, Machine Operators, Technicians, and other industry-specific jobs.

  • Health Care Life Science - Nurses, Pharmacists, Therapists Jobs, other healthcare jobs like Clinical Data Managers, and more.

  • Government Public Sector - Staffing companies also assist the Public Service and Federal Government Sectors to find candidates for administrative, clerical, and professional jobs in the government sector in the USA, and more,

  • Construction & Demolition - From MEP contractors to Carpenters and Joiners, Construction Managers, Building Inspectors, and Estimators you can find workers for any and all types of roles.

  • Legal Sector - Lawyers, Paralegal Jobs, Legal Secretaries, Compliance Specialists, all through to Court Messengers, you name it and the staffing companies in USA can help you fill up job vacancies in the legal sector.

  • Aerospace & Aviation - Fleet Managers, Flight Attendants jobs in USA, Pilots, Technicians, even researchers.

This is not only true for businesses. But staffing companies also help the candidates to land their ideal jobs. Reach out to us if you're seeking a new position or a jumpstart on your career in a field you're interested in, and we'll match you with openings where you'll fit in and succeed. Why You Need iBovi - Staffing & Consulting Specialists

Well, in limited words, iBovi’s staffing services are inclusive of recruitment. Are you are looking for employees to fill positions on a temporary basis? Or full-time permanent employees? We can help you in finding a candidate that matches your need the best.

At iBovi, we have a pool of talent we can connect you with. Not only that, we also are a bunch of talented recruiters and consultants. You can share your requirements with us to get qualified candidates in a short span. We combine our experience with AI/ML. We analyze our database and filter out candidates that match your JD.

With iBovi you get -

  • Account Managers, Recruiters, and Consultants who understand your industry.

  • Industry-specific hiring process tailored for specific business scenarios.

  • More than a decade of experience in the staffing and consulting industry.

  • A large pool of qualified candidates, and immediate joiners for urgent vacancies.

  • Pre-Screened Candidates meeting all your criteria.

  • Candidate Background Checks depending on your needs, we offer a criminal background check.

  • Free candidate replacement If an employee doesn’t meet your expectations, we Will find a new candidate in 90 days, for free.

At iBovi, your vision becomes our vision because we invest ourselves in your success. We understand how important it is for businesses to hire the right talent to meet their business goals. We take every project we undertake very seriously and make sure that your company staff with only resources and assets, not liabilities. Our goal is to help you achieve Operational Excellency.

Call us to talk to our consultants today or book our Staffing Services now.

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