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Challenges faced by candidates in the manufacturing sector 

Candidates in the manufacturing industry can face various challenges which could make it difficult for candidates to thrive in their roles. If you want to hire as well as retain the best talent, it is important to understand the challenges of the candidates to take actions


Safety Hazards

Working in manufacturing often involves physical labor and exposure to safety hazards. Candidates may face challenges related to workplace accidents, injuries, and the overall physical demands of their job. 

Shift Work & Irregular Hours

Many manufacturing jobs require shift work, including night shifts and weekends. This irregular schedule can pose challenges for candidates. Make sure the sift timings are conveyed well in advance.  

shift work

Physical & Mental Fatigue

The physical demands of manufacturing jobs can lead to physical fatigue, while the fast-paced and high-pressure environments can contribute to mental fatigue. Candidates may struggle to maintain their well-being and perform optimally under these conditions. 

Workplace Culture

Manufacturing workplaces can vary in terms of culture. Candidates may find it challenging to adapt to a company culture that, for example, tolerates discrimination or harassment. 


Outdated Equipment & Infrastructure

Working with outdated equipment and infrastructure can be challenging for candidates in terms of efficiency and safety. Employers must always invest in updating their facilities and tools. 


Expectations of Candidates from Employers

In the manufacturing industry, candidates typically have several expectations from their clients. These expectations can vary depending on the specific role, company, and industry segment, but here are some common expectations

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Job Security

Candidates often expect a level of job security, especially in industries that may experience fluctuations in demand or economic conditions. It is best to be clear about the contract lengths and employment types.

Competitive Compensation

Candidates generally expect fair and competitive compensation for their skills and experience. This includes not only base salary but also benefits, bonuses, and opportunities for raises.

Safe Working Conditions

Safety is a top priority in manufacturing. Candidates expect their clients to provide a safe work environment, including proper safety training, equipment, and procedures to minimize workplace accidents. 

Work-Life Balance

Candidates value a healthy work-life balance. They expect reasonable working hours and, when necessary, fair compensation for overtime or extended shifts. 

Respect and Inclusion

Respectful treatment and diversity and inclusion are essential. Candidates expect their clients to foster a workplace culture that values and respects all employees regardless of their background.

Clear Communication

Effective communication between clients and candidates is crucial. Clear communication helps employees understand their roles, responsibilities, and expectations.

Compliance with Labor Laws

Candidates expect their clients to comply with labor laws and regulations, ensuring fair wages, appropriate working conditions, and other legal requirements are met.

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