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Return To Office: Is Hybrid The New Future?

Updated: 6 days ago

Candidates are increasingly looking for remote work opportunities rather than on-site jobs across all industries. According to the most recent workforce mood survey, hybrid is still tolerable to people.

The most recent surveys worldwide are coming up with nearly the same results. Employees who have been asked to return back to the office after almost 2-3 years of working from home due to the pandemic are hesitant and saddened.

Even we conducted a LinkedIn survey asking people which work model they prefer, Work from Office, Remote, or Hybrid. With almost 200 people participating in the survey, these were the results we got - 

  • 69% of people prefer remote work.

  • 20% of people prefer working from the office.

  • 11% of people prefer the hybrid model.

An article published by LinkedIn, it has stated, “In a first for LinkedIn, remote jobs received 50% of all applications in February 2022 despite representing less than 20% of all jobs posted.”

Well, there are enough surveys surfacing on the internet on the same lines and the topic is hot as hot might be. One simple search on the internet can take you through numerous surveys published by different organizations.

Is Hybrid The New Future?

What Does All This Data Mean?

The interpretation is simple. Working professionals across industries and different job roles feel much more convenient working from home. Some people are calling it habitual behavior after working from home for such a long time.

Before the pandemic, the corporate culture represented hustle. People were used to waking up early, getting all dressed up, grabbing lunch, taking the subway, and running to work. But working from home introduced them to a completely different side.

It is obvious that remote work does take away much of the hassle. The traveling time is saved and you are in the comfort of your place. Those who had to relocate for work are now able to do so by being closer to their families. And we all agree we have been able to squeeze in running for errands while working from home.

With more people working remotely than ever before, some new habits have been formed. The workforce has found that they enjoy the freedom and productivity that comes with remote work. Employees are now able to choose their preferred environment for working, which leads to greater productivity.

This is why many employees are rebellious when they are asked to return to the office. Many top organizations have even changed their working models in the wake of this. Just a few names are -

Fully Remote & Hybrid Work Setups

  • Twitter

  • Reddit

  • Quora

  • Linkedin

  • Shopify

  • Spotify

  • Upwork

  • Slack

The list goes on. 

There is an increasing tendency among the workforce to actively consider resigning or make plans to quit their existing jobs as a result of the "work from office" directive as more and more businesses restart the pre-pandemic practice and summon the employees back to the offices.

Truth be told, the vast majority who worked in workplaces preceding the pandemic are horribly tangled at this moment. They miss their colleagues and the conveniences accessible "at work". For example, the office coffee, IT professionals for troubleshooting, meetings to generate new ideas, amicable talk, and after-work cheerful hours. But many don't miss the drive and they're cherishing the opportunity and adaptability remote work has given them

What Is The Future Of Work Setups?

Companies are considering how to combine remote work and in-office work now that vaccines are being distributed and the post-pandemic workforce is beginning to return to their workplaces. They are looking for ways to combine the advantages of both systems, and one is the hybrid work model, which gives employees more flexibility in where they can choose to work.

A flexible work environment offers the chance to comfortably work from home while still allowing for necessary in-person collaboration with coworkers.

Salesforce, the cloud-based CRM solutions provider, announced that it is going to change the way it works.

Some people will still work from home, but most people will work from the office one to three days per week. That way people can work from home when they want to and they can also meet with their co-workers in the office.

Even Google has announced that it has a new way for its employees to work. They can work at home or in the office. They can work three days a week in the office and four days a week at home. Google says that 60% of its employees can work this way, 20% can work at home and 20% can work in new offices.

Final Words

The hybrid work environment will endure. Businesses must adapt as economies start to recover in order to better meet the needs of various employee preferences. Some people are more productive when they work from home. Some people require physical contact to work together and communicate more effectively. 

To increase overall productivity, more options should be made available. Work in the future will be hybrid. Companies must change or else they risk falling behind. This is the only compromise that companies and the workforce can come to. 

iBovi - Remote Work Friendly Atmosphere

At iBovi Strategic Security, we have a remote work-friendly atmosphere. We have embraced the flexible work balance culture and our employees are encouraged to work from anywhere they find convenient and safe.

We genuinely believe that employees thrive where they are happy. If you too are looking for a remote job and would like to join our team, we have some great career opportunities waiting for you! You can check out our career page and see our hiring process to know more about our work setups. 


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