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Join The iBovi Network Of Top Recruiters

Partner with us to provide our clients with the best candidates for their open positions and earn per hire.
Step 1 Browse Open Positions.png

Step 1: Browse Open Positions

Browse through our open positions for a split fee agreement. They are updated regularly, giving you access to a variety of opportunities.

Step 2 Submit Your Candidates.png

Step 2: Submit Your Candidates

Once you have identified suitable candidates for our open positions, you can submit them to us for review.

Step 3 Candidate Shortlisting Process.png

Step 3: Candidate Shortlisting Process

If one of your candidates is shortlisted, we will take care of the rest of the recruitment process, making it smooth for both you & your candidate.

Step 4 Earn Split Fees.png

Step 4: Earn Split Fees

If one of your candidates is hired, you will receive a split of the fee, giving you an increased earning potential and the opportunity to work for various companies. 

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Split Fee Network and how it can benefit your recruiting efforts.

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