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Hiring Process


iBovi Staffing & Recruitment Agency as a staffing and consulting organization assists businesses in hiring capable and qualified candidates to fill positions. We aim to connect businesses with valuable resources. We do so for all types of employment requirements, such as

  • Direct Hire Staffing - A permanent position in which the staffing agency acts as a recruiter

  • Temporary/Contract Staffing - An assignment with a set start and end date.

  • Temp to hire/Contract to hire - An assignment that’s initially temporary but is used to help an employer determine the temp worker’s long-term fit with the company.

The following hiring process defines how ibovi staffing and recruitment agency partners with organizations to meet their recruitment requirements to find candidates who are the best fit for a role.

Hiring Process and Procedures

Before the process begins, our agency gets into a partnership with the organization looking to hire candidates for their vacancies. This happens in 2 ways

  • Case I - We approach organizations that are looking to hire candidates.

  • Case II - Organizations approach us for their hiring requirements.

Essentially, after coming into a partnership, we assign an account manager from our end to the organization and request the organization to do the same so that we can have one point of contact to coordinate with throughout the process. This could be the Owner, HR Manager, Hiring Manager, Business Development Manager, etc. any Decision Maker in the process. The assigned person becomes the concerned person here.

hiring process

Discussion With The Concerned Person For Details About The Position.

To initiate the process we require some details from the concerned person regarding the vacancy. These details are based on the employment type, whether temporary, temp to hire, or permanent position. Additional details we require include but are not limited to

  • Job Title

  • Job Purpose

  • Job Duties & Responsibilities

  • Required Qualifications

  • Preferred Qualifications

  • Skill Set (Primary & Secondary Skills)

  • Salary Ranges

  • Job Location (Relocation Assistance, Accommodation Assistance, etc)

Once we have the information accumulated from the concerned person, we assign the task to our team of expert recruiters. The above information allows our recruiters to make their search more specific to the company’s requirements and thus find the most suitable candidates.

Skills Evaluation & Shortlisting of candidates. 

Step 1 Recruiters’ Role 

Case I  Shortlisting Candidates From Our Database 

Our recruiters check our database to see if the profiles of any of our candidates from our talent pool match the description of the job. Our AI/ML tool analyzes the keywords from the job description and candidate profiles and filters a list of candidates with matches. Our recruiters then look at those profiles and start shortlisting the candidates they feel are the most suitable for the client’s requirements. 

Case II Shortlisting Candidates Via External Sources 

In case our recruiters do not find the appropriate profiles in our database, they promote/advertise the client’s requirements on external platforms given the client has provided consent for the same. They reach out to passive job seekers and interact with active job seekers. They analyze and shortlist their profiles.


Once the profiles are shortlisted, our recruiters start engaging with the clients via emails, phone calls, and messages or through LinkedIn to establish a connection and have an initial discussion. If, after the initial discussion, the recruiters find the candidate appropriate and the candidate is in agreement, they move their application to the Account Manager of the client at iBovi.  

Step 2 Account Manager’s Role 

When the account manager received the profiles of recruiter-shortlisted candidates, they conduct a second level of interview. As the account managers are in direct communication with the clients, they better comprehend the client’s requirements and thus screen the candidates themselves before sharing their profiles with the concerned person. No profile is passed through before this second level of interview.

Presenting Shortlisted Profiles To Concerned Person 

If the account managers conclude the second interview that the candidate's profile is good enough, they first take a confirmation from the candidate and only then proceed further with their applications. The candidate profiles are then finally sent to the concerned person in a presentable format. 

If the concerned person likes the shortlisted candidates, the account manager then arranges for an interview between the concerned person and the candidate, whether in person, on a call, or a video call.  

Interview Shortlisted Candidates 

Here the interview rounds are based on the requirements of the organization and not iBovi. Suppose the initial round of interviews is taken by the concerned person, in this case, the Hiring Manager but not the decision maker, (for example, the Owner, Department Head, etc.). The company can fix another final round of interviews with the candidate by keeping us in the loop. The company can also set up skill tests as required by them.  

Salary & Offer Negotiation 

Once the interview rounds are completed and the client has selected the candidate(s), they make their offer. iBovi acts as a bridge between the candidate and the organization during the negotiation process, working in the best interests of both the parties involved. We propose the client's offer to the candidate and vice versa to come to a mutual decision.  


After the acceptance of the offer, we roll out the offer letter to the candidate. We work alongside the organization during the onboarding process of the candidates and take care of the background checks and drug tests required by the organizations. If any government agencies require top-secret clearances for crucial positions, we assist during the same. The account manager works in complete coordination with the concerned person and the candidate for the completion of all the formalities all through the joining of the candidate.  

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